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Summing Up Results of Photo Contest “Diabetes. Pictures of My Active Life”

8 October 2014

Dear friends,

We’ve finished the unusual photo contest “Diabetes: Pictures of My Active Life” drawing attention to active lifestyle, sports, unusual hobbies, and all related activities. The contest was initiated by Russian pharmaceutical company GEROPHARM as part of photo project “Diabetes in Persons”, which offers a new format for looking at full and active life with diabetes.

Starting from August to the end of September the participants shared their photos on the social networks: Facebook: and, as well as sent them to our organizing committee. Dozens of the contest participants from all over Russia and CIS countries began active web competition by engaging their friends, acquaintances, and relatives in voting.

So here are the long awaited winners! Nomination:

“My Wonderful Hobby”

1st place: Ulyana Podpalnaya, Barnaul. Ulyana leads an active lifestyle; her main hobby is sports. Ulyana is the first Master of Sports of Russia in swimming in the Altai Region, the winner of the championship and the competition of Russia, participant of European and World Championships; she was a member of the Russian Paralympic Swimming Team. She believes that “diabetes is just another chance to show that you are stronger.”

2nd place was shared between football players of DiaEuro: Aleksey Artyukhov (Vinnytsia, Ukraine) and Yuriy Oreshkin (Tyumen). The football team was created “in order to demonstrate that people with diabetes are equally strong in sports, have endurance and good performance.”

3rd place: Mikhail Denisenko, St. Petersburg. Misha enjoys DOTA 2; he is the captain of the boys’ school basketball team. He believes that soon he will be able to fully recover from diabetes.

Nomination: “The Most Active Participant”

1st place: Anna Kulagina, Salavat (Bashkiria). Anna uploaded 5 photos showing a variety of interests, and impressed the organizers with her poem about diabetes. Anna has a wide range of interests: “My interests vary from street racing, swimming, fitness, hiking, to very calm activities, such as gardening, embroidering, reading, breeding adorable British shorthairs and cooking.” About her diagnosis: “Diabetes is not a death sentence. It is a chance to reconsider your views and to change something. It doesn’t mean you should lose your heart. Do your best to help those who need it.”

2nd place: Viktoria Kokokvikhina, Kirov. Some time ago, Viktoria was going in for professional sports acrobatics, now she individually practices gymnastics, loves travelling and enjoys photography. Viktoria tries “not to conflict with the diabetes and go through life together.”

3rd place: Yana Zhaglenok, Moscow. Yana sent us variety of pictures and wrote that travelling is of great interest for her; she also loves animals and wants to work with children in the future.

Nomination: “Mega-Like” or Audience Choice

1st place: Liza Yamshikova, Tolyatti. Liza received the most votes, which is not surprising as her hobby is quite original. It is felting. Liza felts together with her mother. “It’s quite hard, but interesting. We felt various things, such as slippers, handbags, and accessories.”

2nd place: Kseniya, Moscow. “I’m an English teacher with an active lifestyle. My lessons are always fun and energetic; it’s not only at the desk and in the classroom. With my students we perform sketches, plays, shoot videos, organize festivities and many other things.” Kseniya lives well with her illness.

3rd place: Yuliya Voynich, Kazan. Yulya’s hobby is motorcycles, which left nobody indifferent.

Nomination: “Colors of Childhood”

1st place: Kira Nosova, Saratov. Kira is a young but very strong fighter with diabetes! Kira goes to kindergarten, loves sculpting and drawing, and, most importantly, dancing. Ballroom dancing classes give her great pleasure and allow her to keep fit.

2nd place: Tatyana Mazurkevich, Khmelnytskyi (Ukraine). Tanya enjoys playing piano, drawing, photography and psychology.

3rd place: Karina Gavrilko, Hnivan (Ukraine). Karina is mother’s cheerful little helper, she loves singing and dancing.

Grand Prix goes to Yulya Bayguzova, Saratov. Yulya goes in professional sports: winter triathlon among healthy people she never felt being different from. Yulya believes that “Diabetes is not an excuse for cherishing and comforting yourself. If you want something, you have to go for it with no way to retreat. My dream is to establish a special diabetes school for athletes so that we could perform equally as healthy people do. There are the deaf olympic games and paralympic games, after all, so it’s time we find where we belong.”

Another person who deserves to be mentioned is Pavel Mara, Izyum (Ukraine). He is a talented photographer who was among the first participants of the photo contest and sent several excellent photographs.

The jury shared their impressions about the contest:

Marina Grigoryevna Shipulina, President of the Diabetes Society in St. Petersburg “The results of the contest is the best proof that diabetes may not and must not prevent you from socializing, making friends, finding your place and exercising your skills and talents, and, therefore, enjoying life and teaching it others, while being responsible for your own health.”

Andrey Kruchinin, author of the first Russian vlog about insulin-dependent diabetes: “I’ve been insulin-dependent for 9 years and I’m pleased to participate in this contest as a jury member. Undoubtedly, GEROPHARM gave many of diabetic patients a little holiday. This contest is not a competition but a chance to learn about the capabilities and passions of others. I don’t identify diabetic patients as a separated group, and in this case, the contest ‘Diabetes: Pictures of My Active Life’ reminded us all that the disease is not a hindrance to a full life. It was a great pleasure to watch the contest, and I thank GEROPHARM for a little holiday for each participant. And I wish all the participants always be such active and infect others with their positive thinking.”

Editors of “SakharOK” Magazine: “SakharOK” team readily joined the contest, the bright, creative, and noble endeavour of GEROPHARM. We are proud of you for being so positive, talented and purposeful people. We saw once again that diabetes is not a hindrance to an active life. Keep it up!"

“We had so much fun holding this contest,” says Ekaterina Artemyeva, Head of PR Department, GEROPHARM Group of Companies. “After implementing the photo project ‘Diabetes in Persons’ a year ago and seeing how many sincere emotions real stories of real people brought, how they helped society to change its view about the disease, we understood that the project must be continued. And I am very glad that this idea was supported by both organizations and people with diabetes, as well as by the specialized media. As a result, we learned new wonderful stories that speak for themselves. Diabetes is not the end. You can live active and full life.”

Thank you all for participating, wonderful photos and active approach. The contest joined people from all over Russia and CIS countries. Many participants found new friends and shared ideas for collaboration. Together, we have made another step towards overcoming the prejudice against the disease.

To see pictures of the contest participants and winners please visit our pages on social networks: and

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