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GEROPHARM’s press index is among top 20 industry leaders in Russia

16 March 2016

The marketing group ECRO, one of the most experienced players in the media monitoring market in Russia, has published the rating of pharmaceutical companies – the leaders in public information space.

GEROPHARM Group has taken the 18th place, having shown the growth of index by 9 positions in comparison with 2014. This pure growth was one of the maximum ones among Top 20 Leaders.

GEROPHARM has outranked such structures as Novo Nordisk, Eli Lilly, Nycomed, AIPM, Stada CIS,ChemRar High-Tech Center, Polysan, Akrikhin, Protek, Vertex and many other Russian and foreign companies, analytical agencies and industry associations in its press index.

The rating methodology takes into account the advertisements placed on TV, respectively, the largest advertising providers have become the leaders of the rating. "In light of this, the result of GEROPHARM is even more significant," says the PR Director of GEROPHARM Ekaterina Artemyeva. "GEROPHARM’s communication strategy is built on the cooperation with mass media on all editorial basis (news publishing tied to particular newsbreaks) and it eliminates the ads on TV, as the company's pipeline includes only prescription drugs, the promotion of which is strictly limited by the law "On advertising"."

The high appreciation of our activity in public information space has developed in many respects thanks to the transparent policy. Openness - one of the basic values of GEROPHARM which is provided by the company’s management. It helps us to maintain a full-fledged dialogue with the partners, regulators, medical and patient communities, and other important target audiences. This is the priority of our external communications."

GEROPHARM is traditionally among the leaders in interacting with mass-media in the pharmaceutical market: following the results of 2014, in the rating published in VADEMECUM specialized edition, the Group won the highest score, which was given to the most open players. Among 50 companies, only six had the same score, and GEROPHARM was included in their number.

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