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A book "My New Page" was presented on World Diabetes Day in St. Petersburg

13 November 2015

A public event timed to mark World Diabetes Day took place in Aurora movie theatre in St. Petersburg, on November 12. As the part of the charitable campaign there was held a presentation of "My New Page" – a book made in a format of a softback photo album as the follow-up of the social photo project "Diabetes in Persons" initiated by GEROPHARM GROUP in 2013.

This event attracted over 300 participants. The representatives of St. Petersburg’s Administration, the members of Legislative Assembly and the specialists of Public Health Care and Social Policy Committees of St Petersburg also attended this event.

The event gave all the invited participants the opportunity to plunge into a friendly atmosphere of the book: separate pages with the most memorable stories of facing, struggling and overcoming a psychological fear of the diagnosis were presented on big easels. In the spotlight is a real person who accepted the challenge from the disease called "insulin-dependent diabetes" and managed to live a full-fledged life. The PR director of GEROPHARM GROUP Ekaterina Artemyeva shared her impressions from working on the project: "The purpose of all this is to give people with diabetes additional opportunities for socialization and psychological rehabilitation. We are aware of the problems connected with diabetes and we also know that people, who face this diagnosis for the first time, feel shock and uncertainty about the future. How will their life change? How should they live with this disease? Is it actually possible to have a full-fledged, active and successful life in such conditions? We are convinced that everything is possible and much depends on the willingness of a person". Presenting the book to the audience, the chairman of the St. Petersburg Diabetes Society Marina Shipulina commented: "Each man’s destiny, his achievements should inspire you to live as if you have no diabetes. This is the biggest achievement of a man, and that is exactly what the book "My New Page" is about".

The part of the book edition was given to the district administrations, district diabetes communities, hospitals and health centres where everyone will be able to get acquainted with the book and its heroes personally. It is possible to get acquainted with the e-version of the book on the page dedicated to the project in the social network

The event raised the issues concerning health and social protection of patients with diabetes, and also the need for raising awareness on diabetes risks and its early prevention. The urgent need for such awareness-building work is caused by poor statistics results. According to the World Health Organization, Russia is included into the list of top five countries with the highest number of people affected by diabetes. Today, there are more than 4 million officially registered patients with diabetes in Russia. However, according to the epidemiological studies, their number reaches almost 10 million.

Closely cooperating with the St. Petersburg Diabetes Association, GEROPHARM GROUP plays an active role in raising public awareness on issues concerning disease prevention and diabetes incidence control. The company is not only the permanent member of public events but also initiates its own social projects on the territory of the Russian Federation and foreign countries. Among the projects of 2013-2014 it is possible to single out the mobile photo exhibitions of the project "Diabetes in Persons", the international photo contest "Diabetes: Pictures of my active life" and many other information and awareness-building campaigns.

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