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Presentation of the project “Diabetes in faces. Children”

11 April 2017

On April 7 Charitable Fund “Be Together” held an annual Ball of Flowers for insulin-dependent children in Moscow. Within the framework of the event GEROPHARM and the Fund presented their joint photo project “Diabetes in faces. Children”. The purpose of the project was to draw public attention to the problem, to look at the disease through the eyes of a small person – a child.

The project is an exhibition of the pictures showing children with diabetes together with Russian celebrities who were really enthusiastic about the idea. All the photos are taken by the famous photographer Dmitry Kamanin.

Apart from the participation in the photoshoot all little participants of the project answered one important question: “What would you do for children with diabetes if you were a president?” There were a lot of different answers but all of them had the same idea – something should be done to the problem of diabetes, it is necessary to draw attention of the society to it, to keep developing and producing medicinal products to treat diabetes and to provide all children with syringes and medical supplies.

Pyotr Rodionov, GEROPHARM CEO:

“This project for GEROPHARM is some kind of continuation of “Diabetes in faces” that was initiated in 2013 and developed in different formats in the following years. Every person who heard the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus goes through this difficult time in his life in his own way. It is harder for children to adapt and we have to help them take their place in society. The project is aimed at showing that a person with diabetes can and need to live a full vivid life. As a pharmaceutical company we think our task is to make new technologies and methods of diagnostics in the area of insulins accessible.”

Natalia Lebedeva, CEO of the Charitable Fund helping insulin-dependent children and pregnant women “Be Together”:

“Many people think charity is an issue of money only. But it is not true. For my fund it is first of all psychological support of sick children and their families, ensuring stable cheerful lifestyle for them. Photo project “Diabetes in faces. Children” is intended to tell the whole country how difficult it is to live with the disease. And at the same time we want to show how every day thousands of families garner courage and strength, have a hold over the disease, fight for high quality of life. We do everything we can so that insulin-dependent children know diabetes is not an obstacle for them. They can also be successful, achieve their goals and be unique in any area of life. I would like to thank everyone who is a part of this project. I hope other people won’t stand still and pay attention to the project. Let’s bring joy together!”

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