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Modern marketing mix: In the price of high-quality communication

15 April 2013

If I have the last dollar, I'd spend it on PR (Bill Gates)

On 12th of April in Moscow, was the annual professional conference "Strategy for promotion of pharmaceutical products and brands," was held in Moscow in this year there was a huge number of participants from all regions of Russia.
Dialogue of experts in marketing, advertising and public relations helps to discuss many complex issues which professionals face in their daily work, including new marketing approaches in the context of regulatory changes of the market, the main trends in the advertising of pharmaceutical, perspectives of company’s communication practices.
Representatives of leading Russian and foreign pharmaceutical companies shared their experience to minimize the risks and give their look to the future of the Russian pharma marketing issues. Dynamically growing and quickly changing market forces companies to quickly adjust their strategies to be proactive and constantly look for new and more effective ways to interact with their target audiences. It is becoming increasingly difficult in an ever-increasing flow of information in modern society. Experts believe, which it is this factor will define the ideology and format of marketing communications, forcing the company to change the usual format of work.

Communication practices of pharmaceutical companies - the leaders of the market was the subject of a separate conference session. Speakers and participants had a chance to build a conversation in a round table format, which is symbolic, since it is openness and focus on dialogue and noted by speakers, and the audience as a key aspect of the business. Key speakers of the session are: Yana Kotuhova, head government relations and corporate communications department "Novo Nordisk"; Ekaterina Artemyeva, head of PR-department, group of companies "Geropharm"; and Eugenia Gimervert, Head of Corporate Communications "AstraZeneca Russia"

As it turned out, the PR practice of large foreign companies with a long history and the Russian company "Geropharm" have much in common: the expansion of target audiences, stimulating of interest to the company, meetings with journalists, continuous efforts to improve the quality of coverage of specialized pharmaceutical topics are the priorities which guide companies the market leaders. Speaking about the organization of PR-direction in "Geropharm" Ekaterina Artemyeva put emphasis on the changes in the practice of communication with the entry into the pharmaceutical cluster: a new approach to the PR-strategy formation, expanding the pool of speakers and topics for journalists, generating a quality news flow, working with comments and a number of special projects of the company, such as a meeting with the media in open formats and the inclusion of "Geropharm" a special prize in the media competition "Golden Pen".

Analyzing the changes in PR-work, Ekaterina noted that the dynamic growth of "Geropharm" and implementation of a number of significant projects will help to change the depth of target audiences interest to the company and their view on the company. It opens tremendous opportunity for communication professionals to create a positive future public history of the company, which is especially important in today's society, where the good reputation of the business is a key to its success.

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