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Observation program of Rinsulin administration was launched

16 April 2015

Observation program “Application of modern insulin therapy approaches for patients with type 2 diabetes” as a part of Rinsulin delivery was launched in Moscow. The aim of the program is to prove the efficiency and safety of Rinsulin during primary administration and in case of switching from other genetically engineered insulins.

In Moscow Rinsulin became available for patients with diabetes receiving preferential provision since 2015.

Studies will be conducted between April and November 2015. 400 patients from all districts of Moscow will participate in them. It is important to note that study design is based on daily actual practice of endocrinologists and is as close to reality as possible.

The study includes glycemic level monitoring associated with Rinsulin administration. Glycemic level evaluation is conducted using Contour TS glucometers manufactured by Bayer It is one of the world leading manufacturers of BSL measuring equipment. The study is relevant because despite the creation of new insulin analogues modifications, human insulin drugs are still used (by about 40% of all patients receiving insulin therapy in Moscow) and provide safe and effective control of HbA1c index. Due to their rational cost, human insulin drugs provide healthcare services an opportunity to purchase additional medical products and costly innovative drugs through savings.

Rinsulin® R and Rinsulin® NPH are manufactured by GEROPHARM-Bio using full cycle principle - from substance to finished dosage form. Full cycle technology allows to manufacture insulin of highest purity. These days drugs are available in all modern product (vials, cartridges) and delivery forms (pre-filled insulin pens).

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