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Photo Project “Diabetes in Persons” Continues to Tour

27 October 2014

Group of Companies GEROPHARM continues to present a unique photo project “Diabetes in Persons” to the public. A mobile photo exhibition was presented at the following conferences: “Current Issues of Management of Diabetes and its Complications” in Yaroslavl and Ivanovo, which took place on 22 and 23 October.

Current approaches to the treatment of the disease are of great importance; leading experts discussed this issue on 22 October in Yaroslavl and on 23 October in Ivanovo. In addition to discussion of modern treatment approaches, the participants looked at the problem of diabetes from a different angle thanks to a unique photo project “Diabetes in Persons” of the Russian pharmaceutical company GEROPHARM. The participants of the project are people of different ages and professions, those for whom diabetes had become a routine lifestyle forever, but had not taken their zest for life. Beautiful portraits made by famous Russian photographer Valery Plotnikov formed a kaleidoscope of human lives. Everybody was touched by the stories of real people whose life and longevity literally depend on a stable and high-quality drug support.

Head of the Endocrinology Department at the Municipal Health Care Institution, City Clinical Hospital No 4, Candidate of Medicine Valeria Gennadyevna Meteleva told about the measures that are currently being taken for the socialization of people with diabetes: “First of all, it is psychological assistance to patients. There are social events, such as: “Changing Diabetes”, World Diabetes Day, Diaspartakiadas for teenagers with diabetes, in which great attention is paid to the socialization of people with diabetes and public awareness on prevention of the disease. The development of network of schools and associations (both public and consisting of those who care) for people with diabetes, which are united by a common goal of fighting the disease and improving life quality is encouraging. GEROPHARM presented photo project “Diabetes in Persons” to the public; this year it has become a kind of new tool for raising awareness of the problem of diabetes on both specialized and cultural significant events. Today the project finally came to our city.”

Chief endocrinologist of Yaroslavl and the Yaroslavl Region Maria Yefimovna Yanovskaya shared her opinion on the development of domestic production: “Due to the constant increase in the number of patients, many of whom are prescribed insulin, the development of domestic full-cycle production of this socially significant drug becomes an important issue. Today, the country has the plants producing both substance and finished dosage forms, which is very important as it helps to strengthen the country’s drug safety.”

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