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A unique bunch of photos graced "GEROPHARM-Bio"

13 May 2014

A new manufacturing plant operating to GMP standards was opened by GEROPHARM last October. Advanced technology solutions have been implemented in the modern plant that became an example of good manufacturing practice in the local pharmaceutical industry. Creative photoshooting of the production facilities has helped to convey this idea via artistic means understandable even to people who are not familiar with the subtleties of the profession.

Bright-coloured projections against the unique industrial lines revived the picture of production conveying the aim of the plant – creation, production of live-saving insulin medication by original technology. Photo installations appealing to the images of the molecular chains, matrix, space emphasized the industrial beauty of the full-cycle production. With the size of 1õ1,5 m paintings allow the viewer to literally “dive” into a new reality. Colour depth and a virtually unlimited lifetime of images illustrating the modern pharmaceutical complex were provided by the innovative process of acrylic-over-aluminium printing ultrafashionable in Europe and the U. S. today.

The amazing project originated at the intersection of business and the arts has resulted in the series of photos that became a design and semantic accent of the recreational zones of the office: both staff and partners of the company can find it here.

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