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The special prize is established by OOO “Geropharm” and the non-commercial partnership “Medico-Pharmaceutical Projects. The XXI Century” within the contest “The Golden Pen 2012”

31 January 2013

The special prize “For the Best Coverage of The Pharmaceutical Cluster Development Issues in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region” will be presented for the first time at the award ceremony of the professional contest “The Golden Pen 2012” in March 2013. The founders of the special journalistic award are OOO “Geropharm” and the non-commercial partnership “Medico-Pharmaceutical Projects. The XXI Century”.

The main task of the special prize of the contest “The Golden Pen” is to draw attention of the media world to the subject of the pharmaceutical industry development in the region and the need for its full coverage.

There is an active work on the specialized cluster of pharmaceutical, radiological and medical technologies’ companies in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. The government initiative was supported by a number of companies, which implement their investment projects in this sphere.

St. Petersburg historically has rich human resources and scientific capabilities and provides domestic and international investors an attractive environment for business.

The Director of the non-commercial partnership “Medico-Pharmaceutical Projects. The XXI Century”, Dmitry Chagin, considers that St. Petersburg is generating today an effective strategy for the dynamic development of the industry and creates the necessary conditions for the implementation of new projects. "We are proud that St. Petersburg has made a decision for the development of medicine and pharmacy as one of the first regions of the Russian Federation, taking into account previously accumulated educational and scientific potential.” - said Dmitry Chagin.

"Reformation of the pharmaceutical industry, creation and development of clusters as a tool of public policy implementation is a many-sided issue, which is difficult even for professional players," - says CEO "Geropharm" Petr Rodionov, explaining the reasons for establishing a special prize. "There is not any proved scenario or off-the-shelf solution. Today many issues are being discussed between the government, business and experts as an open dialogue. And we are very interested in the quality media coverage of all important aspects, including the cluster themes."

The initiators of the special prize believe: journalists have a big potential, and this contest will help in the successful solution of such problems as the transition of the pharmaceutical industry to the innovation way, growth of the domestic products competitiveness and the support of the Russian health care with modern, effective and affordable pharmaceuticals produced in our country.

Director of the non-commercial partnership Dmitry Chagin and CEO "Geropharm" Petr Rodionov will reward the winners of the journalistic works.

There may be nominated printed works published in editions of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region in 2012, as well as radio and TV spots on topical issues regarding the federal strategy "PHARMA-2020".

Works in electronic form are accepted until March 11, 2013 by e-mail: (subject line: special nomination - Pharm.) Competitor should also make a reference in any format according the following form: the author's name, the name of the media, the date of publication / broadcast (required in 2012), tel., E-mail.

We invite journalists of the Petersburg and Leningrad region to participate in the contest "Golden Pen"!

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