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Possibilities in neuroprotection were discussed at the 6th National Congress of Physicians

30 November 2011

The 6th National Congress of Physicians took place in Moscow on November 23-25. The largest event of the Russian therapeutic community was timed to Nikolay Dmitriyevich Strazhesko’s 135th anniversary this year. The distinguished Soviet physician, an academician of the Academy of Sciences and the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences as well as the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic was accepted to be considered one of the founders of the Soviet cardiology. The scientific heritage of the scientists is very rich, he has made a major contribution to learning the pathologies of blood circulation, rheumatism, sepsis and gastrointestinal disturbance. Moreover, Nikolay Dmitriyevich was an active member of the Russian Physicians Community for a long time.

This year, a wide range of issues associated with all the sides of the physicians’ practice was considered at the event. Along with that the congress has included an extensive exhibition of the largest Russian and foreign pharmaceutical manufacturers.

The Geropharm company has taken part in both scientific and exhibitory parts of the event. There were the four years in succession when the company has been organizing the thematic symposia and set of lectures where the leading Russian medical specialists report on the last scientific achievements in neurology, clinical pharmacology, cardiology, etc. This year was not an exception.

Professor P.D. Shabanov, Doctor of Medical Science, Chief of the Neuropharmacology Department of the Institute of Experimental Medicine RAMS has given a talk on “Modern Neuroprotection as the Basis of Effective Treatment of the Actual Therapeutic Pathologies”. The Professor has reported that up-to-date scientific data on the clinical properties of domestic neuroprotector Cortexin prove its efficiency in many fields of medicine such as neurology, therapeutics and paediatrics. The drug is efficient when using in small therapeutic dosage (10 mg a day is sufficient), the result is already obvious after 5-6 days of treatment while the general therapy course is 10 days. Besides, Cortexin does not have contraindications or adverse reactions.

Associate professor Ye.A. Petrova has given a talk on the following: “Rehabilitation potential of neuroprotection after ischemic stroke” and has communicated about the usage of neuroprotector Cortexin in combination with other drugs provides for the obvious therapeutic result and favours the activization of the rehabilitation process.

The National Congress of Physicians traditionally arouses the medical community’s interest and encourages the growth of the specialists’ professional skills that are engaged in scientific and research, teaching and practical work in the field of therapeutics and related disciplines.

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