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Staff Means Everything

25 October 2012

It is a well known fact that production of drugs is carefully complicated and laborious work. Development of certain medicinal products takes years or even decades. This complex process cannot be accomplished without talented experts who work hard searching for new formulas day by day. They spend their time and put their best efforts in production of high-quality drugs.

Realizing that development of all pharmaceutical industry as a whole depends on people Geropharm pays particular care in recruitment of personnel. For years, the company has maintained partnership relations with Chemical Pharmaceutical Academy – one of the oldest educational institutions in Saint Petersburg.

Today, many former academy graduates work in our team. It is a pleasure to see that every year their number is increasing. It matters even more concerning active extension of R&D and the company’s production facilities as well as construction of new modern plants in Saint Petersburg and the Moscow Region.

There is no doubt that the Chemical Pharmaceutical Academy is an expert in relation to education of specialists for the pharmaceutical industry. The lecturers of the Academy regularly try to make educational process for the students more diverse adding something new and exciting into the process. In particular, the Academy carried out the Chemical Olympics in the middle of October. The event was held for the second time and represents a great opportunity to build team spirit at the academy, to improve mutual understanding between students and lecturers. In addition, learning process is twice more effective in a game format.

Geropharm is a sponsor of the Chemical Olympics for the second time. The company strongly believes that contribution to the younger generation of professionals is a guarantee of steady development for pharmaceutical industry in future.

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