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The World Day against of Glaucoma in Russia

23 March 2011

In March, 2011 the World Week against of Glaucoma took place for the fourth time in Russia, within the scope of which theoretical and practical as well as educational events and press-conferences for medical specialists and patients were carried out. This year special attention was paid to the aspects of glaucoma optic neuro­pathy and obstacles of disease progression and as well as in last year to early diagnosis of glaucoma and necessity of the wide public information about the problem. According to statistics, there are about 70 million of people with glaucoma in the world and a million of them live in Russia. About 50% of patients with glaucoma are not even aware of their disease and for the first time check vision only when 40% of the optic nerve has been destroyed. That’s why exactly systematic medical supervision for the condition of optic nerve is important.

Sickness rate of glaucoma is constantly growing as long as a part of elderly people in the total world population is rapidly increasing, and the risk of development of the disease only increases with age (especially after 45 years). Experts predict that in 2020, about 80 million of people will be subject to glaucoma. And this is a tragic number because glaucoma is the second reason of loss of the sight in the world: from 6 to 20 % of all cases of disease end in blindness. Considering to hugeness and importance of the problem, the World Glaucoma Association and World Glaucoma Patients Association initiated The World Day against of Glaucoma. In 2008, Russia joined to the countries, where various events annually take place, which are supposed to solve problems of prevention, diagnosis and effective treatment for the disease. This year within the scopes of the World Week against of Glaucoma press-conference took place in Saint Petersburg, which was devoted to actualization of the problem of glaucoma. Leading ophthalmology experts took part in the press-conference.

"The prevalence of glaucoma, which is observed today in the world and in our country, indicates that principles of preventive medicine in point of this disease are not effective enough. Currently, there is a need to develop and conduct the global dispensary as well as educational programs, which will raise public awareness of the problem and contribute to overcome it. I am glad, that first steps toward this have been already made within the scopes of the events dedicated of the World Day against of Glaucoma.” – said professor Y.S. Astakhov, the head ophthalmologist of St. Petersburg.

One of the key objective of the World Week against of Glaucoma is the increasing of public awareness of the problem, because, in spite of prevalence of the disease, only a small number of Russians know the symptoms of the disease and timely apply to medical help. “Now in Russia there are about a million of patients registered with glaucoma, but this number doesn’t correspondent to reality, because the disease progresses without symptoms in the most cases and doesn’t put people to inconvenience as long as they do not begin to lose their sight,” – said J.N.Lovpache, Associate Professor of Department of Eye Disease of Postgraduate Education of MSMSU, scientist of glaucoma’s department of Research Gelmgoltz Institute of Eye diseases.

Organization of educational events and conduct of schools of patients became a main direction of activity of Russian Glaucoma Society, the vice-president of which Y.S. Astakhov is. Speaking at the press-conference, he stressed: «People, whose close relatives are suffering from glaucoma, are subject to the disease in 10 times more, and therefore they must be tested maximum in 35 years. Others need to check the vision regularly after 40 years. Indeed, the only way to prevent the blindness in glaucoma is early diagnosis of the disease.”

The World Week against of Glaucoma took place in Russia for the fourth time by support of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, conducting researches in the area of development of new methods of treatment for ophthalmological diseases.For the second time the project was implemented together with the Russian company “Geropharm”, which one of activity direction is the production of ophthalmological medicinal drugs.

On the occasion of the World Week against of Glaucoma conferences and seminars with participation of about 3000 doctors took place in 25 the largest cities of Russia. In addition, thanks to joint actions with medical institution and opticians, the Russians got free consultation of ophthalmologists and were able to pass to tonometry – to measure intraocular pressure and survey of retina with the assessment of the optic nerve (retinal tomography).

At the events dedicated to the World Day against of Glaucoma, the leading ophthalmologists of the country presented theoretical and research materials about glaucoma, modern methods of its diagnosis and treatment. Instant diagnosis of glaucoma and the practical recommendations of experts made it possible to the Russians to check the sight and assess the risk of development and progression of this disease, that can lead to blindness.

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