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GEROPHARM sent insulins to Kyrgyzstan as humanitarian aid

16 August 2023

4,320 pen injectors with cartridges of rapid-acting, ultra-rapid-acting and long-acting insulin sent by GEROPHARM as humanitarian aid to patients were delivered to Kyrgyzstan. They will soon be distributed among the regions of the country.

The shipment of insulins was agreed with the receiving party after information appeared in the media about difficulties in obtaining the medicinal products. As the largest manufacturer of insulins, localised on a full cycle basis in the CIS, GEROPHARM could not stay away from the problems of patients. Aleksandr Nesterenko, Head of the Export Division, GEROPHARM: We understand how important it is to increase access to modern medicinal products, not only for children but also for older age groups, so that treatment does not stop and the quality and life expectancy of patients is preserved. By delivering insulins to Kyrgyzstan, we help to support therapy without having to look for the medicinal product in other countries and bring it at your own risk, sometimes not respecting the temperature regime of storage. Drug safety of patients with chronic diseases is one of the primary objectives of any state, and we will be ready to help in solving it with our technologies, developments and medicinal products.

The incidence of diabetes mellitus in Kyrgyzstan is increasing every year. At the beginning of 2022, almost 73,000 patients with diabetes mellitus were registered in the country. According to the IDF Diabetes Atlas, the figure is significantly higher: about 256,000 people.

Natalia Dobrynina, Chief External Endocrinologist of the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic, Chief Doctor of the Endocrinology Centre: We have received humanitarian aid from the Russian company GEROPHARM in the form of modern insulin medicinal products meeting international standards for patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus. They will soon be distributed and available in different regions. This will enable prompt supply to patients with insulin-dependent type of diabetes mellitus who are in vital need of injections.

Earlier, in March and June 2023, Mavlyan Abdiev, Deputy Director of the Department of Medicines and Medical Devices under the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic, Azamat Mukanov, Chairman of the Mandatory Health Insurance Fund, and Aibek Zhumataev, Deputy Director of Group of Companies “Kyrgyzpharmatsia”, visited the manufacturing sites of GEROPHARM. They got acquainted with the stages of insulin production and were able to personally inspect its compliance with international standards.

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