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Application form of pharmacovigilance for patients
Application form of pharmacovigilance for health workers

The main purpose of pharmacovigilance activity is to guarantee the quality and safety of our medical products, provide healthcare professionals and patients with complete and impartial information and minimize potential risks associated with the products of GEROPHARM Ltd.

1. When to report?

Please report to our pharmacovigilance service the following cases:

  • Side effect that could be associated with taking a medicinal product
  • Lack of efficacy of a medicinal product
  • Drug interactions that are not described in the product information sheet
  • Counterfeit medicines
  • Medication errors
  • Overdose
  • Misuse of a drug
  • Adverse reactions while using a medical device marketed by GEROPHARM Ltd

It is important to report even if:

  • You are not absolutely sure that the adverse event is associated with the product
  • You do not have all the information required in the form

2. How to report?

Report to GEROPHARM Ltd pharmacovigilance service by e- mail, mail or fax as soon as possible in any of the above mentioned cases.

3. Where to report?

  • Hotline: 8- 800-333-43-76 (Free in Russia)
  • Mail: Business center "Nevskaya Ratusha" 11B, Degtyarny lane, St. Petersburg, 191144, Russian Federation

4. Personal data privacy

Reporting to GEROPHARM’s Pharmacovigilance department is equivalent to the patient's consent to processing and storage of his/her personal data by GEROPHARM or an authorized person.

Please note that:

  • A person reporting a case accepts that provided information is complete, accurate and reliable
  • The provision of information may not violate any applicable law, the legitimate rights and interests of third parties
  • A person reporting a case provides personal information about himself only

All personal information is treated as strictly confidential. This information will not be publicly disclosed. Nevertheless, it may be submitted to the Federal Service for Supervision of Healthcare unless otherwise stated.

GEROPHARM’s Pharmacovigilance service representative may contact a person who reported a case in order to clarify provided data.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact GEROPHARM hotline 8-800-333-43-76 (Free in Russia).

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