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Data Processing Agreement

Visitors who positioned their personal data on Vacancy and Pharmacovigilance pages of and who published other data hereby confirm their consent to processing of personal information and its transfer to GEROPHARM (personal data processor).

Personal data include as follows:

  • surname, name, patronymic; date of birth;
  • e-mail;
  • other data contained in CV and directly or indirectly related to a physical person.

When applying for a position at GEROPHARM, the visitors send their personal data to the operator.

Accepting this agreement, the visitors express their interest and entire understanding of the fact that personal data processing can include the following activities: collection, classification, accumulation, storage, specification (renewal, change), use, and destruction.

The visitor confirms that the information presented is complete, exact and accurate; that no acting legislation, legal rights and interests of third parties are violated with the information, and that any presented information concerns the person only.

GEROPHARM company shall process the presented personal data only for the purposes mentioned herein. Unless otherwise provided by the acting legislation, GEROPHARM shall maintain the confidentiality of the obtained personal data, and not disclose to third persons any personal information without the consent of the person it relates to.

Consent to personal data processing can be withdrawn by sending a respective application by the related person via the following E-mail:

GEROPHARM shall terminate personal data processing from the date of the application.

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