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GEROPHARM is a national manufacturer of biotechnological products providing for medicinal safety of Russia

Development and production of medicinal
products to treat socially important
diseases as a fully integrated site
Investment into technological development and creation of
modern pharmaceutical infrastructure
Implementation of the tasks in import substitution within
state federal programs
Leadership in diabetology
Development of production of active
pharmaceutical substances

Our mission

Values of the company


History of the company

GEROPHARM was founded in 2001. Today GEROPHARM is a large and efficient business structure, one of the key players at the Russian pharmaceutical market and an expert of the professional community.

Start of the release of original medicinal products – Cortexin®
and Retinalamin ®
The technology
of insulin production was developed
Opening of its own
R&D Centre
Opening of the GEROPHARM plant
in the village of Obolensk (Moscow Region)

Start of release of generics.
Launch of
Levetinol® and Memantinol®
Start of implementation of the project
in plant construction
in Pushkin, St. Petersburg

Opening of biotechnological
unit laboratories in
R&D Centre
The plant in Obolensk
is able to provide for
30 % of the Russian needs
in insulin
More than
1.2 million packages of insulin were released
that was 82 % more
than in 2015

Launch of Pineamin®
and Recognan®
Launch of the 1st line of the plant
in Pushkin to manufacture
pharmaceutical substances
for original medicinal products
Launch of the 2nd line of
the plant in Pushkin
to manufacture of
insulin substances
Development and release
of insulin bio analogues
as the Russian market


Corporate culture

Human is the main value!
We are sure that efficiency of our company directly depends on every employee’s personal contribution. Team work is based on transparency, determination, inspiration and care.
They bring the employees together, defines the direction of development and make GEROPHARM a special company.
Every employee has an opportunity not only to perform his own duties but to participate in different projects as a part of working and initiative groups.

Patient Care

Social Responsibility

Work in such a socially important industry as production of pharmaceutical products gives an understanding of the most urgent problems in healthcare. We are contributing to solving thereof together with public organizations, doctors and patients’ community and reporters.

GEROPHARM is a winner of numerous ratings and awards

Feedback on the company

Svetlana Robustova, junior researcher (genetic engineering laboratory)
“Firstly, I do what I like most. Secondly, I like domestic and foreign policy of the company that is intended both to take care of its employees and to take care of the environment. Thirdly, there is good motivation for success.
I am glad the graduates of specialized universities are being engaged, that there is a great opportunity to be trained and to build one’s career in such a successful company as GEROPHARM.”
Olga Yakovleva, manager in pharmacovigilance
“Before the interview for the post of manager in pharmacovigilance in the registration department of GEROPHARM Group of Companies I imagined quite vaguely what pharmacovigilance is and what role it plays. However, I liked an idea of working in a Russian pharmaceutical company. For a three-month training I got plenty of knowledge and skills which I am applying to my job now.”
Oksana Khomutova, laboratory assistant and researcher (genetic engineering laboratory)
“I started my career in the company from the post of an intern in the genetic engineering laboratory of Pharm Holding CJSC. I am happy I got to this company. After a three-month training I was convinced that a person has a huge desire to work in an R&D centre of a pharmaceutical company to reach new goals, to make a career, then he cannot find a better place to work than in Pharm Holding.”
Dmitry Kolobovnikov, chief of a technological department
“When I first came for an interview in GEROPHARM I felt right away that it will be interesting to work in this young and actively developing company and the friendly team would help a young specialist to feel a part of this team.”
Pyotr Volobuyev, expert in automation of enterprise management
“I was impressed by the activities of the company that looked like some front-page news in scientific and popular science publications. There they give you great opportunities, they believe in employees, and I am trying to meet their expectations doing a good job. Few people can boast they go to work with enthusiasm but I can and I think that I am not the only one having such attitude in this company.”
Bogdan Nikolayev
“I was trained here in the department of clinical trials in summer of 2018. G-Start summer training makes it possible to get real work experience solving relevant problems and it also shows how a big company works today. After the training I was offered a full-time job in the IT department and I became an actual employee in GEROPHARM.”
Svetlana Starikova
“There is no routine, every day is busy and the time flies. There is a friendly atmosphere in the office.
GEROPHARM offers wonderful conditions for adaptation and development: we were taken to the production site during the training, chiefs of different departments read lectures. The employees can take educational online courses on our platform or visit English classes in the office if they want.”
Anastasia Andreeva, manager in development and registration (registration department)
“The starting point of my career in GEOPHARM Group of Companies was an offer to get training at the registration department thanks to the interesting and relevant scientific work that was presented at the V All-Russian scientific conference of students and post-graduate students with international participation called “Young pharmacy is a potential of the future.”

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