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International rapidly growing biotechnological company with all insulin blockbusters in its portfolio

Development and production of medicinal
products to treat socially important
diseases as a fully integrated site
Investment into technological development and creation of
modern pharmaceutical infrastructure
Leadership in diabetology
Development of production of active
pharmaceutical substances

Our mission

Values of the company

these are ideas created by our brain that allow us to surpass ourselves
creates a fire in our heart
it's our hands that finish the job

History of the company

GEROPHARM was founded in 2001. Today GEROPHARM is a large and efficient business structure, one of the key players at the Russian pharmaceutical market and an expert of the professional community.

A representative office of GEROPHARM
registered in Venezuela.

Arrangement of local insulin production facilities in Algeria
Start of the release of original medicinal products – Cortexin®
and Retinalamin ®
The technology
of insulin production was developed
Opening of its own
R&D Centre
Opening of the GEROPHARM plant
in the village of Obolensk (Moscow Region)

Start of release of generics.
Opening of biotechnological
unit laboratories in
R&D Centre
The company ranked top
in the Russian market of
human recombinant insulins.

Launch of Pineamin®
Phase 1 facilities commissioned
at Pushkin manufacturing plant
to produce API for original medicinal products
Phase 2 facilities commissioned
at Pushkin manufacturing plant
to produce insulin API
Development and release
of insulin bio analogues
as the Russian market

Initial supplies of insulins
to Venezuela and localisation
of insulin production in Kazakhstan
TOP-3 among the insulin manufacturers in Russia

Launch of original medicinal product Evodin®, insulins Rinsulin® Mix 30/70 and RinFast®

Winner of the Quality Award of the Government of the Russian Federation
GLP Compliance Status is confirmed

Launch of educational project for patients “Academy of Diabetes”

Release of insulin analogue RinFast® Mix 30
The company takes the first position
in the Russian insulin market
in the segments of its presence

Cuban GMP Certificate is received

Social Responsibility

Work in such a socially important industry as production of pharmaceutical products gives an understanding of the most urgent problems in healthcare. We are contributing to solving thereof together with public organizations, doctors and patients’ community and reporters.

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