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GEROPHARM will assist in training staff for diabetes schools in Uzbekistan

4 September 2023

GEROPHARM has launched a project to train physicians of endocrinological dispensaries in Uzbekistan. The objective of the educational programme is to prepare training coaches for diabetes schools in all regions of the country. The training is supported by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Republican Specialised Scientific and Practical Medical Centre of Endocrinology named after Academician Y.Kh. Turakulova.

This event makes a part of a set of initiatives to strengthen interstate dialogue to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diabetes mellitus. The first joint steps in this direction were taken in 2021.

Physicians from 14 endocrinology dispensaries across the country are scheduled to be trained as part of the 2023 educational cycle. From 4 to 8 September, experts will discuss the most important aspects that patients need to know in order to manage their disease and live a full life: self-monitoring, principles of proper nutrition, physical activity, hypoglycaemia, carbohydrate quantification. The intensives will also cover insulin therapy issues, psychological aspects and methodology of working with patients with diabetes mellitus.

The teacher of the programme is an endocrinologist with 30 years of experience, member of the St. Petersburg Scientific Society of Endocrinologists, winner of the main medical award of Russia “Prizvanie” in the nomination “New Technologies in Medicine”, author of the book “Diabetic's Desk Book”, Khavra Saidovna Astamirova.

Upon completion of the training, course participants will be required to cascade what they have learnt to their colleagues across the country, acting as trainers. This will make it possible to train dozens of new specialists and will contribute to the development of the system of diabetes schools in the regions, and thus increase the availability of quality therapeutic education for patients in Uzbekistan.

“According to the WHO, therapeutic patient education is an independent branch of medicine and a critical component of chronic disease management. Diabetes mellitus is recognised as a non-communicable pandemic of the 21st century, therefore, it is necessary to join efforts to raise patients' awareness of the importance of adherence to therapy, proper nutrition and physical activity. A lot of work has been done by the endocrinology service in this direction. However, it is essential not to stop at what has been achieved, so this training programme is an important event that helps to exchange experience between physicians of the two countries, to form new competencies and, finally, to improve the system of care for patients with diabetes mellitus at the primary health care level,” said Feruz Turaev, Director of the Republican Specialised Scientific and Practical Medical Centre of Endocrinology.

According to the International Diabetes Federation, Uzbekistan has more than 1.3 million patients with diabetes mellitus, most of them are patients with type 2 diabetes. At the same time, about 77 % of them have undiagnosed disease.

Reaching all patients with therapeutic education is only possible by joining efforts and developing public-private partnerships.

Aleksandr Nesterenko, Export Division Manager of GEROPHARM: “The quality of life of people with diabetes depends not only on timely and adequate provision of patients with vital medicines, but also on the level of their knowledge about the disease. Therefore, it is important to develop a system of diabetes mellitus schools, to train and improve the qualifications of physicians who teach in such schools and form a competent patients' approach to the management of their own disease. In Russia, GEROPHARM has been a partner of such educational projects for many years and has been developing its own initiatives. We are ready to share our experience and help expand scientific relations between our countries.”

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