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GEROPHARM insulins have received a certificate of compliance with Islamic norms

17 January 2024

GEROPHARM insulins have undergone voluntary Halal certification to confirm that they comply with all the canons of Islam and are made only of ingredients permitted by religious norms.

The certifying body confirmed that the medicine products do not contain alcohol and other substances prohibited for Muslims, such as blood and tissue cells from pigs, as well as cells from animals killed not in accordance with the canons of Islam.

Concerns of Muslim patients about insulin are mainly caused by the history of its production. Since the pig hormone is the most similar to the human one, insulin secreted from pancreas of newborn piglets was used for this purpose until the 1980s.

Today, the production of GEROPHARM insulins is a high-tech process. These medicinal products are synthesised by microorganisms in modern laboratories and do not have any animal origin. In addition, our manufacturing sites undergo regular GMP audits by Russian and foreign regulators. This proves that our medicinal products are made strictly according to the technological requirements of international quality standards.

“GEROPHARM, as one of the key manufacturers of medicinal products against diabetes mellitus in Russia and the CIS, is directly responsible for making insulins available to all people who need them. Though such certification is voluntary, we believe that Halal principles are very important for hundreds of thousands of people suffering from diabetes mellitus. This is yet another step proving our patient-oriented approach and attention to customer needs,” says Evgeniya Domoroshchenkova, Head of the Public Relations Division of GEROPHARM.

The certification will help improve compliance to treatment among Muslim patients. This is especially important in the CIS countries, the Middle East and North Africa, where GEROPHARM is going to export even more medicinal products.

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