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Diabetic Patients Received Injection Pens and a New Batch of GEROPHARM Insulins

20 October 2022

On October 20, GEROPHARM made the second delivery under a long-term contract concluded by the company with the Government of Venezuela and partners ESPROMED BIO and CORPOVEX last year.

The current batch includes more than 800,000 cartridges and 420,000 vials of rapid- and intermediate-acting human insulins Rinsulin R, Rinsulin NPH, as well as more than 3,000 cartridges of long-acting analogue insulin RinGlar (insulin glargine).

In addition to insulins, patients have also received more than 5,000 reusable pen injectors for comfortable administration of medicinal products. A distinctive feature of Rinsapen II pen injector is its unique lightweight composite body, which is heat-resistant and ensures an even temperature regime of insulin in the cartridge.

Petr Rodionov, General Director of GEROPHARM: “Despite the difficult international situation, which creates additional difficulties in logistics, GEROPHARM continues to fulfill all its obligations. And this is not only a partner position, but also an understanding of responsibility to each patient, whose life and health depends on our medicinal products”.

All medicinal products and medical devices are stored under special temperature conditions in warehouses in Caracas. From there, they will be distributed to regional medical institutions for further prescription to patients.


According to official data, there are 2.28 million patients with diabetes mellitus in Venezuela. Many of them need daily insulin injections.

GEROPHARM is an international dynamically developing biotechnological company with all the most demanded insulins in its portfolio. The company produces recombinant human insulins and ultra-rapid-, rapid-, intermediate- and long-acting analogue insulins. 4 more insulin products are in development. All stages of insulin production, including molecule biosynthesis, are carried out at company’s own production facilities in the Russian Federation in accordance with GxP quality standards.

ESPROMED BIO C.A. is a state-owned company that develops and manufactures biological medicinal products. The company is under control of the Ministry of the Popular Power for Health of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and produces vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, erythropoietins, interferons, and other biological products.

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