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Individual Pen-injector for insulin injections. Interval of 1 Unit (from 1 to 60 Units). Anti-glare dosage display. Easy-to-read dosage of insulin units chosen. Large print can be clearly seen from any angle. Dosage selector with “Shift Up Down” function with clearer click (best in the class) when setting a dose. Start push button to inject a dose with clear sound and tactile feedback. Light heat-resistant aluminum case provides for a smooth temperature mode of insulin in the cartridge. Mechanism of the cartridge holder prevents thread damage and provides for co-axial installation of the cartridge with a threaded rod – guarantee against piston jamming.

A distinguishing feature of Rinsapen® II is its unique, light , composite case.

This drug is a prescribed medicine. It can be dispensed on a doctor's prescription only. There are contraindications. Please read the patient information leaflet. Do not use the medicinal agent if it was not prescribed by your treating physician. Always follow the patient information leaflet and your doctor’s recommendations.

Pen-injector is easy to use and recommended for independent use by adults and children over 12.

Rinsapen® II Pen-injector is intended for subcutaneous injection of insulin medicinal products and insulin analogues in 3-ml cartridges produced by GEROPHARM. The company is not responsible for damages occurring when using other cartridges.

Use Rinsapen® II Pen-injector with standard insulin needles intended for use with pen-injectors for administration of insulin and insulin analogues and registered at the territory of the Russian Federation. You can get further information on compatibility of needles from producers of the needles.

Attention! Rinsapen® II Pen-injector is intended for individual use only! Cartridges and needles are not included into the delivery kit of Rinsapen® II.

Trade name: Rinsapen® II

Indications for use:

Rinsapen® II individual insulin pen-injector with accessories is intended for subcutaneous injection of insulin medicinal products and insulin analogues in 3-ml cartridges produced by GEROPHARM-Bio OJSC.

Attention! Rinsapen® II Pen-injector is intended for individual use only!


Contradictions to independent use of the pen-injectors include:

  • age under 6;
  • psychiatric disorders;
  • motor and cognitive dysfunction.

Directions for use and dosage

  • Before each injection check against the section “Check of efficiency and inflow of insulin” (page 7 of the leaflet)

to prevent injection of the wrong dose because of the air in the cartridge or a dirty needle. Replace the needle if necessary.

  • After each injection check to ensure the insulin does not spill from the pen-injector or the spot of injection. If the insulin spills from the spot of injection, the needle or the pen-injector leaks, inform your doctor immediately and follow instructions concerning possible administration of insufficient dose.
  • If you interrupt administration of the insulin dose selected, releasing the button accidentally, check the residual dose for administration in the dose indicating window.
  • In case of unintentional administration of insulin, seek medical attention immediately.
  • If you have been accidentally injured by the needle with associated possible risk of infection, seek medical attention immediately.

Side effect

If you do not follow the patient information leaflet, there is a risk of wrong treatment, wrong dose, risk of infecting yourself or others. If you have any doubts, see your doctor immediately.

Dosage form: put in the chart from the leaflet

Structure and elements of the pen-injector

Fabric cover.

Maintenance and storage

  • Follow proper instructions when handling needles and cartridges.
  • Put on a protective cap after every use of the pen-injector.
  • Keep the pen-injector in the cover provided without a needle on it.
  • Use and keep the pen-injector under a temperature of no more than 30 °C. Failure to observe the temperature mode can result in a shorter life of the pen-injector.
  • Keep the pen-injector with a new cartridge or with the cartridge already used in accordance with the storage conditions specified in the patient information leaflet.
  • Handle the pen-injector gently. Protect the pen-injector from moisture and dust.
  • Wipe the pen-injector with a wet wipe, do not use liquids or cleaning agents containing alcohol or solvents.
  • Ensure that the pen-injector is not submerged into water.


Ypsomed AG, Brunnmattstrasse 6, 3401 Burgdorf, Switzerland

The firm accepting claims


Lit. B, Degtyarny pereulok 11, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation, 191144

Phone: (812) 703-79-75 (MLT), fax: (812) 703-79-76

Toll-free number: 8-800-333-43-76 (free call across the Russian Federation)

Marketing authorization: RU No. RZN 2017/6640 dated December 26, 2017

Creating a reusable pen GEROPHARM pursued the goal to take care of the patients – it was necessary to make a pen-injector maximally convenient for injection of the medicinal product.

Sound and tactile indication

Rinsapen® II has the following sound and tactile signals to control selection of an accurate dose:

when setting and correcting the dose, each rotating of the dose selector for 1 Unit comes with a click and effort.

The process of insulin administration comes with a sound that stops after administration of the full dose.

Limitations when selecting a dose

Maximum dose for a single injection is limited by the quantity of insulin in the cartridge. If there is not enough insulin in the cartridge for the dose selected, the dose selector will not rotate beyond the available quantity.

Do not use force to rotate the dose selector.

Identify and remember how much insulin is left in the cartridge and make an injection.

Replace the cartridge and the needle and check against the section “Check of efficiency and inflow of insulin” (page 7).

Set the dose selector at the value needed (lacking after previous injection) and administer the rest of insulin to get the full dose.

Installation of the cartridge partially used

Install the cartridge partially used into the cartridge holder.

Pressing with the finger, push the threaded rod fully to the stop. The threaded rod can also be pushed with the cartridge holder with a cartridge inserted into it.

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