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Infantile cerebral palsy (ICP)

GEROPHARM pays considerable attention to the regulation of drug safety. Currently, the company has the pharmacovigilance system which functions in accordance with international requirements and regulatory requirements for the Russian Federation. Employees collect data on the found adverse reactions that occur when taking medicinal preparations, the marketing authorization holder of which is GEROPHARM.

ICP rehabilitation represents stress not only for a child but for the entire family. The process is very long and time-consuming as the basic rehabilitation principle consists in continuity and consistency. It is necessary to understand that one course of treatment is followed by changes that are hardly noticeable to others but are very meaningful to a child. It can be increase in muscular strength, better motivation or a new skill such as crawling. During the treatment the child needs support of the entire family.

Try to encourage independence and creativity in your child as restricted activity must not prevent from self-expression and personal growth. Make a social circle of your child larger by inviting both children with special needs (let the child know he/she is not alone) and healthy children. This is what real social integration is.

There is no magic pill to treat a patient with ICP. However, ICP symptoms will be obviously less evident if timely intense restorative treatment is provided.

The expected treatment outcome is to increase the physical and intellectual abilities of a child and improve the quality of life.

O. V. Bykova

Doctor of Med. Sc., Principal Researcher of the Centre for Applied Research in Pediatric Psychoneurology

of Moscow Health Department

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