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GEROPHARM pays considerable attention to the regulation of drug safety. Currently, the company has the pharmacovigilance system which functions in accordance with international requirements and regulatory requirements for the Russian Federation. Employees collect data on the found adverse reactions that occur when taking medicinal preparations, the marketing authorization holder of which is GEROPHARM.

  • High physical activity and sudden change of temperature are contraindicated in glaucoma. Patients are advised to avoid hypothermia due to disturbed vascular regulation.
  • Walking in the fresh air, slight physical activity, respiratory gymnastics, and general conditioning are recommended.
  • In summer, sunglasses should be used when the sun is bright to protect the retina from the devastating UV radiation.
  • At home, the patients need avoid a rush of blood to the head during mopping, gardening, laundering, etc.
  • Use glasses while driving and never drive in the twilight or at night.
  • Proper (milk- and plant-based) diet and a complex of vitamins and minerals produce a favorable effect on the optic nerve.
  • Alcohol abuse is strictly forbidden!

Potential adverse effects and complications:

cataract, malignant glaucoma, hyphema, hypotinia, ciliochorioidal detachments, macolupathy, expulsive bleeding, inflammation in the eye, loss of vision, eye loss.

Requirement to diet and limitations:

as consulted.

Requirements to labor, rest and rehabilitation:

the patients are disabled for 2 weeks (or 3 weeks after the surgery).

Limit your physical load, stress, work at night, water diet, and stimulating drinks.

Standard medical examination – control of intraocular pressure, vision acuity, vision field, optic nerve, topographical values, adherence to doctor’s recommendations.

E. A. Egorov

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RANS) and Russian Academy

of Medical Technology (RAMT),head of the department of ophthalmology named after Academician A. P. Nesterov, department of general

medicine, Pirogov Russian Medical University

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