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GEROPHARM pays considerable attention to the regulation of drug safety. Currently, the company has the pharmacovigilance system which functions in accordance with international requirements and regulatory requirements for the Russian Federation. Employees collect data on the found adverse reactions that occur when taking medicinal preparations, the marketing authorization holder of which is GEROPHARM.

Patients with myopia shall pay attention to suddenly progressing vision acuity, occurrence of dimouts or flash lights. It can be a developing or developed retinal detachment. In this case refer to a doctor immediately to improve the chance for eyesight recovery.

Avoid weight lifting and heavy physical activity. Physical activities lead to the rupture of thin vascular membrane and retina in patients with high myopia.

To prevent further decrease in vision acuity, it is recommended as follows:

  • do eye gymnastics after every 20 minutes of concentrated work;
  • avoid heavy eye strain;
  • ensure proper workplace illumination;
  • spend less time in front of a computer;
  • visit an ophthalmologist regularly;
  • follow all doctor’s recommendations.

O. V. Zaitseva

Candidate of Medical Sciences, Senior Research Scientist of the Helmholtz Research Institute of Eye Diseases

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