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Life hacks: how to get a job in GEROPHARM

Cover letter

We read cover letters. Write 2–3 sentences which help you stand out among other candidates. Tell us why you are interested in working at GEROPHARM.

CV: what is important to write about?

The right format
Today there plenty of CV formats but we think that the best one is chronological format. Such CV format reflects all your work experience and education.

No work experience

Candidates with no work experience often ask themselves a question: what should I write about experience and achievements if the only thing I was doing is studying?
Show yourself! Tell us about projects, trainings, participation in conferences, business case championships, pharmaceutical contests, etc. You have something to be proud of for sure – this will describe you as an active and initiative candidate.

“Soft skills” and “hard skills”

Hard skills are skills obtained during work or study. They are easy to assess, they may be proves in practice and by diplomas and certificates.
Soft skills are personal qualities that help one interact with other people efficiently and , in harmony.

Hobbies and interests:

tell us about your achievements, the results you are proud of no matter if it is sport, art or something extraordinary – we are eager to know you better, it is important for us to understand that you share the values of the company.

Remember! You may be asked about everything included in your CV at the interview – be prepared to answer any question even the most unexpected one.

Apply for a job right now or send your CV:

Stages of interviews in GEROPHARM

We are looking for employees who are ready to evolve professionally and to grow together with the company.

On average it take from 1 to 4 weeks to pass all the stages depending on the level of activity of candidates and on the workload of a recruitment manager.

Stage 1. Selection of CV

Recruiter reads your CV and if your work experience is consistent with the requirements of the vacancies in your region, he invites you for an interview. Send CV

Feedback within 4 days.

Stage 2. An interview with a recruitment manager

This is a great chance to present your work experience and to tell about your professional skills.

Feedback within 2 days after the interview.

Stage 3. Case

Case gives you an opportunity to show your knowledge and technical skills. Case is sent on the day of the interview with a recruitment manager, due date is in 1–5 days.

Stage 4. An interview with a Regional Manager

At this stage you can know more about the company, its strategies and development plans. Interview takes place following the results of the case.

Feedback within 3 days after the interview.

Joining GEROPHARM you get an opportunity to:

  • Promote Russian medicinal products of full-cycle production complying with GMP international standards
  • Work and evolve in a team of leaders
  • Improve your professional competences
  • Become a driver of GEROPHARM development,implement ideas, innovations and interesting projects
  • Participate in socially important events of the company

Social package

You are a health care professional?

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