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90% of GEROPHARM’s product portfolio are life-saving and essential medicinal products. A good share of these are products for treating endocrine system disorders such as diabetes mellitus.

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease characterized by high blood sugar. Given the wide prevalence and rapid growth of the number of patients worldwide, diabetes mellitus is often referred to as a non-infectious epidemic. According to the International Diabetes Federation, in 2021, the number of diabetes patients was as high as 537 million.

Diabetes is most dangerous for its complications such as thrombosis, myocardial infarction, chronic kidney disease, and others. It is therefore very important to raise public awareness of the prevention and diagnostics of the disease, as well as to give support to diabetes patients and their families.

GEROPHARM’s efforts in the field of endocrinology are not limited to developing and producing medicinal products for diabetes management. Over the years, the Company has been engaged in social projects aimed at raising awareness of the disease and reaching out to patients’ and physicians’ communities.

In 2013, the Diabetes in Persons project was launched to tell about real patients' lives with diabetes. Within the project, a number of unique socially focused activities to address the diabetes issue were organized. Currently, the initiative aims at helping diabetes patients and their families, as well as at better disease management.

  • Therapeutic Training Programs
  • Classes for children
  • Information resources
  • Platforms for physician-patient interaction
  • Support programs for children in difficult situation
  • Support to projects by patient organizations


Проект-исследование для улучшения компенсации сахарного диабета 1 типа у детей в интернатах
Diabetes Academy provides diabetes patients, their families, and all those who deal with the disease in a professional capacity with the information that is essential to maintain high-standard life quality.
Within the project, children with type 1 diabetes mellitus are trained in acting, scenic speech, making puppets, costumes, and sets, and are engaged in show production.
The program adapts physical exercises to each child’s glycemic parameters over time.
Joyful events, surprises, and presents from organizers and partners help children and their families believe that miracles sometimes happen.
Large-scale information campaign for raising public awareness of the type 1 diabetes mellitus symptoms in children.
Purpose of project was to raise the public awareness of the problem and to look at diabetes mellitus through children’s eyes.
Unique photo project, Diabetes in Persons, which helps shed light on the topic from a different perspective.

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